Photo from the Leonidio & Kyparissi Climbing Guidebook by Aris Theodoropoulos and Katie Roussos.

I was born in Greece and went to school there. I have dual Greek and British nationality and I am currently living in Britain, finishing school. I've been competing at a national and international level for the Greek national team for the last three years and also climb at a high level on rock.

I started climbing when I was 11, and since then climbing became my passion and the main focus of my life. Two years later I climbed my first sport route of level 7a. The next year I climbed a 7c, and can now climb 8a. Presently, I am focusing on training and getting stronger for future competitions, which inevitably happens indoors, so I don't have as much opportunity to climb on real rock. However, my personal benchmark and pleasure is to climb on rock, and so during my trips back to Greece I have seen improvement by progressively climbing harder routes. Currently, I have climbed routes of level 8a.

I started competitive climbing when I was 12, and by 13 years old I started representing Greece in Balkan Championships for my age category and by 16 in European and World Championships. In the 2019 competition season, I won the Greek lead national Championship and was placed 3rd in the bouldering, giving me first place in the two combined.

Now living in the UK where the standard of competition is higher I have the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level. My medium-term goal is to compete (and win) British and Greek national competitions, to remain in the Greek national team, and continue to take part in top international competitions thereby building by experience and skills.

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